Sunday, August 1, 2010

Will it end in tears?

I've always been drawn to text-driven art, and my friend had this wonderful piece hanging in his New York apartment. It reads: Will it end in tears?

Two years ago, I would have answered a resounding NO. I would have ignored the clich├ęs about all good things coming to an end and sung along to "only the good die young" without fear.

Ten years ago, I stood with Ron overlooking the water and recited--enthusiastically--"til death do us part." We said it smilingly then, and only understood it to mean that we'd be together forever. How could we comprehend that one of us would die and the other would grieve?

Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, I saw a newly wedded couple posing for portraits, their shiny faces full of promise and bliss.

Will it end in tears? I sincerely hope so. I hope you've loved deeply and wildly and recklessly enough to howl at the moon.


  1. You both looked so young and happy and in love at your wedding party. We were both fortunate to have found the love of our life; I hold on every day recognizing that it, too, will end in tears some day. You were cheated out of a long life with Ron, but oh, did you have a ball with the time you did have.

  2. Glad you are writing again. xxo HH