Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day + 23

I arrived home on Sunday and while it has been absolutely great to be home, we still have some lingering colds in the house and I have also had some unexpected symptoms so it has been a relatively difficult week. We have done a pretty good job of sequestering me in our bedroom, which is a very comfortable place to be, however I have had terrible headaches and have started to develop a series of skin rashes which they believe may be the onset of graft vs. host disease. Graft vs. host is a funny thing... it is good to develop a mild case as it is evidence that the stem cells are doing their job and fighting against their new body. The problem is that you just want a little, not a lot. If GVH becomes severe, it can create a number of serious complications that create much discomfort and can possibly become life threatening. Most transplant patients develop some GVH, the key is to keep it under control.

Since leaving the hospital last Thursday, we have been back for appointments on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and now I have just been informed I'll need to return tomorrow so they can monitor my latest progression. 4 visits within the first week was not what we expected, but if I am developing GVH, the constant watch is going to be important. The rash started rather quietly on my nose and cheeks a few days ago, but just today it has spread and it is now covering a good portion of my neck, shoulders, stomach and back.

On the plus side, before it started to spread today, Ha prepared a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and I enjoyed a fantastic meal at home with my Sweetie. Our short term goal upon entering the hospital on 10/26 was to get me home by Thanksgiving, and we did it!

So we are moving forward day by day on our little roller coaster ride and looking forward to tackling each battle with equal commitment. My continued appreciation for all of the support and love you have provided to me, Ha, Mai and Tal. Happy Thanksgiving to all...


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  1. I'm so glad you were able to share a drumstick with your sweetie! Good luck with the dr's visit today, Ron.